Here’s the situation: your Allentown office is in need of new cubicles. You know you want something that looks contemporary and fresh, but you still want employees to have some privacy and personal space.  Besides that, you don’t know much else about what cubicles you want, or even cubicles in general.  Don’t worry, EthoSource is here to help. Specializing in the customization of the most durable and flexible cubicle system in the industry, we want to help you get the all the office cubicles your Allentown business needs to create the workplace you want!

used-ethospace-cubiclesHerman Miller Ethospace is an extremely durable cubicle system with a frame and tile structure that can easily be built, broken down and rebuilt again.  This system allows users to customize the layout of their station from one cubicle to the next, accommodating their specific work needs and the physical components of the office space.  This durability is due to the virtually indestructible steel skeleton in which all the tiles and frames connect to.  This skeleton isn’t even visible once the station is installed, but is the center point holding everything together.  For this reason, we are able to refurbish and resell these cubicles in the pre-owned condition.

Now you’re probably thinking, wait, I wasn’t planning on getting used office furniture.  But hear us (or any of our happy customers) out.   The first and most obvious benefit to choosing pre-owned is HUGE cost savings!  That means the same high-end cubicles you could buy from the new manufacturer for a fraction of the cost.  And the quality goes unmatched by competitors, so there’s no need to worry about that.  Let me explain further…

ethospace-cubiclesEthoSource has a nationally leading liquidation team that travels the country buying and removing Herman Miller Ethospace, as well as all types and styles of other office furniture, from Fortune 500 companies of all industries.  We bring these products back to our corporate warehouse that is filled with 100,000 square feet of Ethospace parts and inspect the furniture thoroughly.  We evaluate which parts can be reused and which stations can be sold as-is due to their current condition.  With all this inventory, we have endless possibilities for how customers can design, layout and accessorize their workstations to be completely unique and specific to your company’s work needs and style.  Not sure where to start?  We have a full team of professional designers that can help!

Our designers want to work with you to analyze your space and establish what your needs are for the workstations.  From there, we work with CAD drawings to create detailed renderings of your possible layout options, incorporating your suggestions and listening to your feedback.  Once we agree on the layout, we allow you to choose everything from fabrics, finishes and accessories that are part of our refurbishing process, bringing the cubicles to a like-new appearance that matches your desired look.  Everything is customized by you with the help of expert advice from our team.

The possibilities for your office cubicles are endless.  Depending on your needs for privacy or collaboration, we have a large variety of heights that our tiles be stacked to create walls, dividers, doorways, or more open areas.  We also have specialty tiles that allow for more productivity, natural light, organization and more.  Check out some of the following tile options:

  • Acoustic/High-Acoustic Tiles
  • Tackable Tiles
  • Fabric Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Open Tiles
  • Wood Tiles
  • Rail Tiles
  • Marker Tiles
  • Electric Tiles
  • You can also personalize your work surface as well.  These options go hand in hand with the layout of your station to better help you utilize your space and stay organized.  There are L-shaped, U-shaped, curved corner, T-shaped, peninsulas and much more.  If you’re sharing a workstation with a coworker, there are multiple ways to utilize two work surfaces into one space.  Whether they are connected like a bull-pen shape or straight work surface or separated out into individual surfaces, we have plenty of options to choose from.  The height of your desk can also be diversified if you’re looking for standing height or seated height. For a better description and understanding of these options, contacts us and one of our knowledgable sales reps will help you.

    ethospace-cubiclesEven once your cubicles are selected and designed, our job still isn’t over.  We will handle all the delivery, installation and logistics involved in your project through out project management team. We make sure the process is completely hassle free for you.  Read more about our furniture management services here.   We want to help you design and build cubicles that help your team be productive and happy throughout the workday.  For the best office cubicles in Allentown for the best prices, contact EthoSource today!


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